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01. Why the name “Freight”?

We love the simple and overlooked concept of “freight.” The way things are moved is a constantly evolving innovation. In fact, so much of humanity’s progress is tied to the new ways we can transport things. We think “freight” nicely encapsulates what we do for our clients — we move them forward by doing whatever it takes to deliver value in a complex world.


02. What inspires you?

Simply put, we’re passionate about helping good people do good things. That’s really at the core of what gets us up every morning. On top of that, we enjoy finding inspiration in unexpected places, like cuisine or architecture for instance. The perspectives, philosophies and art found in these disciplines help prevent our ideas from feeling stale and uninspired. It’s also in Freight’s DNA to experiment, which helps us find answers that aren’t obvious.


03. What types of clients do you work with?

We work with people whose hearts are in the projects they bring us. We immerse ourselves in the worlds of our clients, so we only work with those who are serious about earning a place in the lives of their customers. And honestly, it’s also important that they have the right expectations.


04. What is it like working with Studio Freight?

It’s one thing to do great work together and another to have fun while doing it. There’s a lot we could say here, but the short of it is this: We’re collaborative. We openly share ideas for new opportunities as we see them. We work hard. We have clear and transparent processes. We’re serious about getting the results you’re after. We want Studio Freight to be the best decision you could have made.


05. Where can I find the best tacos in Columbus?

First of all, if you’re paying $4 for a taco then we believe you’re making bad choices. The best taco shops are usually hidden to the average eye — they aren’t flashy or overpriced. With that said, we highly recommend Los Potosinos on Long Street. The owner and lead cook, Lidia, is one of our dear friends. Her tacos de pollo al carbon and hot sauces are unrivaled.