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A design studio built on principle. We believe what you do matters, but it’s what people experience that drives action.



Branding, Art Direction, Strategy, Web Design, Packaging, Copywriting, Lettering, Illustration, Photography, Murals, Signage, Video



Root Insurance, Abrams Publishing, United Way, Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Drive Capital

Studio Freight Interior Team


Our process frames our decisions. So no matter how big or small your vision, we can make it real.


01. Discover

Observe, listen, learn. The best solutions emerge by developing a deep understanding of your business, defining the opportunities, and aligning on goals.

02. Design

Sketch, build, refine. With strategic insights and ideas, we design collaboratively and iteratively with all users, channels, and touchpoints in mind.

03. Deploy

Package, deliver, maintain. After the launch, analyzing results and behaviors allows us to make discoveries, refine strategies, and pursue new opportunities.


We’re working right now.
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Paul Rand, J Dilla, Carl Sagan, Benjamin Franklin, Anthony Bourdain, Steve Reich



Blockfort, Lindsay Noll, Main St. Collective, CCAD, Upright Press, Anecdote Film Co.



Los Potosinos, German Village Coffeehouse, Fox in the Snow, Brassica, Olde Town Tavern



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Studio Freight - Built on Principle